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Starting the weekend off right.

I think we all know that our Saturday AMs are largely determined by our Friday PMs. I happened to have a very tame but certainly not lame Friday night. My friend Tiffany and I took a spin class at Soul Cycle last night that was 45 minutes of straight Jay-Z songs taught by @BodybyString. It was, as always, a great workout and so much fun. Loved taking a class where I knew every song AND it ended with hands waving in the air like you justdontCARA  belting out  ”Let’s hear it for NEW YORK…..”  It was kind of an awesome Friday night. I was home and in bed at 11 and felt all the better for it this morning. 

Because I was so rested this morning I was able to start my day with purpose. I began my Saturday with some juicing to make my version of a drink I get a few times a week from The Juice Press called Ginger Fireball. They say if you drink one a day you will steer clear of the flu and colds. I am totally on board with that as the flu is still making it’s way through town. This juice is high in immune boosting Vitamin C and anti inflammatory agent ginger + a smidge of Oil of Oregano, which has antimicrobial and antiviral properties. 

I make enough for about 4 servings. Here’s what you need:

a juicer - I have a very inexpensive Black and Decker Juicer and it works really well.

2 blood oranges 

2 navel oranges

1 pink grapefruit

1 lemon

1 lime

a couple knobs of ginger root. approximately 1/4 cup. 

2 drops of oil of oregano per serving

Peel and segment citrus fruit so it is small enough to fit in the juicer then start adding to the machine along with your ginger. 

Pour in to glasses, add 2 drops of oregano oil to each glass, mix it up and serve. Refrigerate the remaining juice and enjoy within the next 2 days. 

Juice up my friends.  I’m off to dinner with my own personal Ginger Fireball. 

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